(owns Ben & Jerry's, Ragu Pasta Sauces, Breyer's, Lipton tea, Klondike ice cream, Degree, Axe, Dove soap, etc)


Boycott this far-woke company





Unilever is a British-Dutch owned company meddlling in American politics. Their headquarters is based in the 'woke' left-wing city of London.


93% of Unilever political contributions go to Democrats.


Unilever ran an anti-Trump ad for Dove soap in the UK.


Unilever wants more censorship on social media!


Obsessed with diversity. Unilever promotes the hysterical notion of lack of diversity, and has some sort of "strategy" to favor people based on their gender, race, LGBTQ, etc. This inherently discriminates against people who might be better qualified.


Axe (owned by Unilever) donated $250,000 to the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter.


Unilever runs a race mongering commercial stating that "American will not be beautiful until it's beautiful for everyone" with a black child holding up a black panther fist, and states "We have a long way to go", all to futher the false narrative that America is systemically racist. Imagine if an American company insulted a foreign country by running a commercial that accused their people of being systemically racist.


Dove soap race-mongering about 'race-based' hair discrimination.


And who knew petroleum jelly is racist?




Ben & Jerry's is a dangerous company run by communists. How is that? They want to #DefundThePolice and dismantle the justice system because they say "the system can't be reformed". B&J supports the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter, and pushes for reparations. B&J also supported the "women's march" AKA the "DEMOCRAT women's march". B&J has an anti-Trump flavor named “Pecan Resist”. B&J honors race-monger, Colin Kaepernick.




Ben & Jerry's has called for reparations.


B&J opposed Georgia's much needed voting reform bill.


Joined StopHateForProfit.


B&J signed a letter supporting the Democrat’s radical “For the People Act”, in order to "strip states of their ability to implement basic election integrity safeguards, such as voter ID. It would also protect illegal aliens who are registered to vote, prevent states from purging their voter rolls, allow unlimited ballot harvesting, and make nationwide vote by mail without photo ID a reality."


Anti-Zionism is the new anti-semitism: B&J stopped selling its frozen desserts in occupied Palestinian territory. B&J should stop selling their ice cream throughout the world! In response, even Democrat Bill de Blasio is boycotting B&J.


Ragu pasta sauces (also owned by Unilever) - Contributes to liberal causes. Degree deodorant donated $100,000 to th violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter.



Unilever has no redeeming qualities.



Stop buying Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Ragu Pasta Sauces, Breyer's ice cream, Lipton tea, Klondike ice cream, Degree deodorant, Axe body wash, Dove soap.




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