Boycott this far-left-wing company



The CEO and the company, together opposed Georgia's much needed voting reform bill. Therefore, Target supports Democrat election fraud.


Individuals at Target donated $195,259 more to Biden than to Trump.


Target donated to the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter. Target donated $10 million "in an effort to advance social justice".


Target sells a racist book that states "Dear God, Please help me to hate White people."


Target is committed to OneTen, AKA hire based on race over merit.


Target permitted transgender people to use the bathroom of their choosing. Target has since installed single occupancy bathrooms after MAGA boycott cost them 20 million dollars.



Target has no redeeming qualities.


The very people who Target discriminates in favor of, looted and ransacked their Philly store during the Philadelphia riots, again in 2021 in Minneapolis, and vandalized an Oakland store and looted a Minneapolis store on 4/16/2021.


Target has been a victim of its own left-wing politics, as it has been forced to close all six of it's San Francisco stores at 6 PM, due to rampant shoplifting!



Do not shop at Target. Don't shop at Walmart either.






2. Menards


3. Big Lots


4. CVS is merely less offensive than Target.


5. As a last resort, shop at Walgreens



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