(owns Ethos Water, Evolution Fresh, Hear Music, La Boulange Bakery, Seattle's Best Coffee, Teavana, Torrefazione Italia)


Boycott this obnoxious, racist, vitriolic, bigoted, violent Marxist-aligned company and its filthy communist employees





Starbucks' vile former CEO, Howard Schultz called the Trump campaign a "vitriolic display of bigotry and hate and divisiveness.” The new CEO Kevin Johnson is also, surprise, surprise.... another SJW who intends to "take stands on social issues". You can bank on those being left-wing stands!


Starbucks PAC's and individuals are rabid democrat donors! Buy Starbucks coffee and you are essentailly supporting the Democrat party.


Starbucks wants more censorship on social media!


Against Trump's travel ban. Pledged to hire 10,000 refugees to protest Trump's travel ban.


Starbucks fired an employee for being white. A jury awarded the employee $25.6 million.


Starbucks is being sued over its racist hiring practices, supplier buying practices, its "Leadership Accelerator Program", which is only available to non-white employees, and its advertising budget which is reserved for non-white-owned media companies.


Starbucks donated a whopping $1,607,750,000 to BLM related causes.


INDOCTRINATION: Starbucks encourages employees to have race-mongering conversations with customers.


INDOCTRINATION: Starbucks has race-mongering messages on their cups.


INDOCTRINATION: Starbucks has race-mongering re-education training sessions for employees. The brainwashing includes watching video after video about white cops attacking black people.


Starbucks welcomes anyone, including homeless drug addicts who want to use their bathrooms, but not buy anything, all in the name of 'racial justice'.


Promotes LBGTQ tribalism, AKA the Democrat party's insidious agenda of separating people into oppressed groups in order to divide the country and then conquer.


Starbucks employees at more than 150 stores are so woke that they are going on strike because they want to drap pride decor all over the stores. These are the people you are creating jobs for by buying from Starbucks!


Eliminated plastic straws.


Siding with the violent left: Starbucks employees and PACs are huge democrat donors. Only 4.13% of 2020 donations went to Republicans.


Hours after the hamas terrorist massacre that killed 1,300+, Starbucks' Employee Union supported hamas. Nobody has been fired. Remember that conservatives get fired/canceled by lefty companies for expressing conservative views.




These oddball Starbucks union communists are more interested in raising their black pather fists in support of the violent Marxist group, Black Lives Matter and democrat election fraud.






BELOW: More Starbucks Union member Tweets and ReTweets immediately after the hamas terrorist attack that killed 750+.




BELOW: The Iowa Starbucks Workers union showing support for Palestine immediately after the Hamas terrorist attacks.




Starbucks is headquartered in the Marxist city of Seattle.



Karma strikes back. The very radical left who Starbucks lovingly supports (whether directly or indirectly) have looted and ransacked their stores during the George Floyd riots. ANTIFA has targeted Starbucks for destruction. ANTIFA looted a Starbucks during the Atlanta riots. We love watching the circular firing squad from afar! Poetic justice to those companies who perplexingly embrace the destruction of democracy and the breakdown of law and order.

7/12/2022 - Starbucks has had to close 16 of its stores in crime and drug infested cities run by the very democrats that Starbucks fought to get elected. Poetic justice!



Do not do business with Starbucks, nor their subsidiaries, Ethos Water, Evolution Fresh, Hear Music, La Boulange Bakery, Seattle's Best Coffee, Teavana or Torrefazione Italia. Do not buy Black Rifle Coffee either (also on our boycott list).




1. Support just about any other brick and mortar store, in particular mom & pop businesses.


2. Mount Rushmore Coffee Company based in Rapid City, SD.


3. based in Mechanicsburg, OH


4. Founding Fathers Coffee - supports American military families.


5. AboveTimeCoffee - Unwoke! Indiana-based.


6. MyCoffee - Mike Lindell's coffee.


7. There are endless other independent coffee roasters. Here's 15 more. Here's 22 more. We have yet to research all of these companies. For now, support ones that aren't based in radical left-wing cities like Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, etc.



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