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Snopes is self-promoted as a "nonpartisan fact-checking site". In reality, the site is yet another liberal mouthpiece, or "flop-check" site run by liberals to promote the democrat party and their agendas.


Snopes uses selection bias, lies by omission, and other truth suppression techniques.


BELOW: For example Snopes will not fact check Joes Biden's false claim that Trump supporters killed 5 police officers on Jan 6th (none were killed).



BELOW: A typical exmple of Snopes trying to rewrite history by amazingly claiming an event captured on video is 'unproven'.



Snopes is so vain that they 'fact check' the Babylon Bee, and even conservative memes.


Snopes has virtually no interest in fact checking Biden press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre.


Snopes has no interest in fact checking Joe Biden falsely implying that police were killed by January 6th protestors.


Snopes creatively used lies peddled by Joe Scarborough to attack Trump instead of just fact checking Scarborough.


Smears terms for the right, but not for the left: Snopes has numerous articles with the words 'far-right'. However, Snopes has NO articles with the words 'far-left'. Snopes wonders if there is even such a thing as 'alt-left'.


The examples of Snopes' bias are endless. Here are just a few: 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,



Snopes is just one of many left-wing propaganda sites including Politifact,, AP Fact Check, and USA Today Fact Check.




1. studies the bias of mainsteam media news as well as 'fact check' sites.


2. Simply get your news from trusted sites.



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