(including Chapstick, Robitussin, Advil, Bextra, Celebrex, Diflucan, Lyrica, Viagra, Preparation-H, etc)


Left-Wing Big Pharma





Pfizer withheld positive vaccine trial results for weeks until after the 2020 election, clearly in order to hurt Trump. Pfizer also informed the Biden campaign of the vaccine results before telling the Trump administration.


CEO Albert Bourla was irritated when Trump said a vaccine rollout announcement might come before the election and was bothered over it "looking like" Trump developed his company's vaccine.


Pfizer board member, Scott Gottlieb secretly pressed Twitter to hide posts challenging the vaccine.


Pfizer affiliates donated 3.5 times more to Biden than Trump.


Pfizer teamed up with Nat Geo to take jabs at Trump in a propaganda program that aired on Nat Geo.




Pfizer pulled Robitussin advertising from Tucker Carlson for supporting merit-based immigration.


Pfizer insanely took sides against North Carolina's "bathroom bill" to require people to use bathrooms corresponding to their gender at birth.


Pfizer's CEO, Albert Bourla is a race hustler who called for "all Pfizer partners, suppliers and other stakeholders to stand with us and speak up against racial discrimination and injustice” and pushed for "real change".


Nazi Germany-style race over merit: Pfizer wants to increase black and latino leadership positions from 19% to 32% by 2025. Albert Bourla says that he is 'proud' of his company's race quotas that set "concrete goals to address systemic racism and gender equity challenges by reviewing and augmenting our plans to increase diversity and opportunity parity by 2025, particularly focusing on increasing female and U.S. minority representation at leadership levels".


Joined StopHateForProfit.


Pfizer is in bed with the mainstream media.


Pfizer's unconscionable crimes, past and present.



Pfizer has no redeeming qualities.


Karma strikes back. The very candidate that Pfizer supported, Joe Biden backed waiving International patent protections for vaccines. Pfizer stock immediately dropped 6.5%



Pfizer has no redeeming qualities.




Buy generic brands if available.


While it may be impossible to find alternative drugs that are not on our boycott list, remember that we are selectively picking off Pfizer and Merck as our "worst" in category.



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