Review of Nordstrom


Now, more than ever, continue to boycott Nordstom!





Nordstrom employees and PACs donated about 6 times more to democrats than Republicans in 2020. Your Nordstrom purchases help enable democrats to get elected.


Nordstrom's opposition to Georgia's much needed Republican voting reform bill was despicable.


Nordstrom also joined the anti-Republican group Civic Alliance.


Nordstrom dropped Ivanka Trump's product line, clearly to resist Donald Trump.




In Minneapolis, Nordstrom was handing out black lives matter signs, thus promoting violent Marxism. Nordstrom has showed their support for the violent Marxist organization known as Black Lives Matter.


Nordstrum has a race-mongering page.


Nordstroms says they are "committed to change, diversity, inclusion & belonging" AKA exclusion.


Nordstrom committed to OneTen, AKA hire based on race over merit. Norstrom also wants to make more product purchases based on skin pigmentation (AKA discriminate). Nordstrom says "We're committing to delivering $500M in retail sales from brands owned by, operated by, or designed by Black and/or Latinx individuals by the end of 2025."


Nordstrom is headquartered in the radical left-wing city of Seattle.



Karma is striking back! The very radical left who Nordstrom supports keeps looting and ransacking their stores, including during the George Floyd riots, as well as on 8/9/2020 during the Chicago looting spree, and in Walnut Creek, California on 11/20/21, and in Los Angeles on 11/22/2021. Hopefully Nordstrom goes out of business.



Do not shop with Nordstrom under any circumstances. Continue to boycott Nordstrom. Between mass looting and boycotts, hopefuly this left-wing company can be put out of business.




1. Dillard's is one of the few politically neutral clothing retailers.



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