Boycott these far-left-wing propagandists



Netflix is run by HUGE democrat donors by a ratio of almost 99% to 1% (employees and PAC's).


Netflix' employees are woke leftists!!! Netflix' employees staged a walkout over Dave Chappelle's comedy special.


Netflix' CEO said "Trump would destroy much of what is great about America.”


Netflix promotes anti-white racism through its content. Netflix created a racist "Dear white people" SJW video attacking white people for being white. Netflix made a movie that idolizes far-left 60's rioters in order to embolden BLM. Netflix supports the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter.


CEO Reed Hastings donated $120 million to historically black institutions.


CEO Reed Hastings supported California's prop 47 (legal to shoplift up to $950 in merchandise).


Hired the Obamas to create content.


Appointed Susan Rice (D) to their board of directors.


Liberals use Netflix to dliver propaganda to our youth.


Headquartered in the alt-left Silicon Valley.


Against Trump's travel ban.


Netflix is actively engaged in censorship by removing titles.


Netflix had a special featuring an anti-gun comedian.


Netflix requires employees to get vaccinated.


After pushing 'woke' crap, NetFlix lost 430,000 subscribers in one quarter.



Comcast / NBC Universal has no redeeming qualities.



Absolutely boycott Netflix for life! (Archived)




1. Free content on Odysee, and


2. Sling TV (owned by Dish Network)



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