Review of the NFL


The original anti-America, race-mongers who don't practice what they preach




The National Football League started the whole anti-America, race-mongering trend, when they allowed Colin Kaepernick to take a knee during the National Anthem, and then allowed 'Kaepernicking' to spiral out of control, all in an effort to spread the lie that police are disproportionately killing black people, that America is systemically racist, etc. Soon, the league was posting critical race theory messages all over the field, on helmets, etc. Houston Texans owner, Bob McNair accurately pointed out that the NFL essentially allowed the inmates to run the prison.


Many fans responded by burning their NFL jerseys. President Donald Trump said that NFL players who refuse to stand for the national anthem should be suspended without pay, and later added that kneeling players 'maybe shouldn't be in the country'.


The NFL wants diversity... as long as it does not apply to them.

70% of NFL players are black even though they make up only 12.1% of the US population.

Only 27% of NFL players are white even though they make up 57.8% of the US population.

Only 2% of NFL players are Hispanic/Latino even though they make up 18.7% of the US population.

Only 1.9% of NFL players are Asian (or part Asian) even though they make up 5.9% of the US population.


So much for the NFL's catch phrase "It takes all of us".


The NFL and the city of Glendale, AZ suspended 1st Amendment protected free speech in Glendale for the 2023 Super Bowl.


The NFL has dumped 250 million dollars into criminal justice reform (AKA dismantling the justice system), police reforms (AKA defund the police, preventing police from policing), and economic and educational advancement (AKA only advancement for people based on skin pigmentations). To fool people, the NFL gave it a happy name "Inspire Change" (liberals always change language).


The NFL plays a separate but equal black national anthem. The NFL plays no anthems for Whites, Hispanics, Latinos, Asians, Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, Ukrainians, etc.


The NFL is against Florida's Parental Rights Bill.


Atlanta Falcons owner, Arthur Blank, spoke out against Georgia's much-needed election integrity bill, using squishy language, saying “We should be working to make voting easier, not harder, for every eligible citizen.” Yes, technically, requiring an ID to vote makes it harder to vote, but that's a good thing because it helps to eliminate voter fraud. Arthur Blank inherently supports democrat election fraud because that's what the election integrity bill sought to stomp out! Predictably, Blank has long been a supporter of the democratic party.


Players are anti-Immigration and Customs Enforcement. NFL players helped pay bail for an illegal immigration activist who was jailed by ICE.


Draconian COVID rules for players (tough luck for these Marxists).





Do not pay for the NFL network. Do not pay for Amazon Prime games. Cut the cable. Use Roku.

If you want to continue to watch the NFL, often games are streamed live on YouTube and other sites. Play-by-play of games is almost always covered by YouTube commentators (without video of the game).


Do not pay for NFL gear.


If you insist on attending NFL games, sneak in your own food. Put less money into the pockets of these Marxists.



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