Review of Lululemon

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Reprehensible radicalized advocates of lawlessness


This obnoxiously woke Canadian clothing company is literally a threat to civilized society.


Lululemon dumped $100,000 into a radicalized, racist organization called the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which wants to defund the police and bail accused criminals out of American jails. The Minnesota Freedom states that they do this to among other things resist 'white supremacy'. The Minnesota Freedom Fund bailed out a man who wants to rape children.




Lululemon donated $250,000 to groups including the hyperpartisan and democrat party-aligned NAACP, the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter, and Reclaim the Block.


Lululemon joined the anti-Trump group StopHateForProfit, which wants to ban the law & order president, Donald Trump from social media.


Lululemon encourages people to "resist capitalism". [NOTE: We agree... Stop doing business with Lululemon!]


Lululemon came out against Florida's parental rights bill.


Lululemon closed all of its stores early to get more people to vote. Why? People who otherwise aren't bothered to vote, usually vote Democrat.


Lululemon founder, Chip Wilson is evidently brainwashed by the media. He told Bloomberg 'News' that "Trump is telling 50% lies".


Lululemon's CEO promotes tribalistic rage by Tweeting about D.I.E. and support for BLM.


Lululemon fired white employees for merely verbally telling black burglars to stop robbing an Atlanta store and calling the police. [NOTE: We agree... Let Lululemon stores get looted! Resist capitalism!]




ATTENTION CRIMINALS: Lululemon has a policy that employees do not interfere with burglaries and do not call the police.


The very radical left who Lululemon supports has also looted their San Jose, NYC, and Philly locations. Let wokesters become brokesters!


Circular firing squad: Lululemon's CEO had to step down in 2013 after he outraged the lefty company brass by saying that “some women’s bodies just don’t actually work” for the company’s yoga pants.


Lululemon reinforces CO2 global warming nonsense.


CONCLUSION: Lululemon has supported and helped create mayhem. Eat popcorn as they continue to get robbed as a result of their radical ideology.



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