Review of Levi Strauss Company


Run by radical-left-wing activists





Levi Strauss has earned "WORST" in our clothing category for being such a despicable company. Founder, Levi Strauss (1829 – 1902) is turning in his grave over how the company has collapsed into a front for woke activism.


Levi Strauss joined the radical left-wing StopHateForProfit.


Enemies of free speech: Levi Strauss stopped advertising on Musk's Twitter.


Levi supports D.I.E. (Diversity, Inclusion, Equity) AKA socialism/discrimination based on race, gender, etc. In their "Sustainability Report" they actually keep track of hires based on race and gender. Levi essentially wants less white employees and less male employees.




Levi Strauss is indoctrinating all of their employees into embracing their ideology of discrimination. To mask their nefarious race and gender quotas, Levi uses deceptive, happy language such as "belonging", "learning experience", "takeaways to life", "culture of inclusion", "empowered", and "authentic selves".






CEO, Chip Bergh joined other leftists in opposition of Georgia's much needed voting reforms.


Levi Strauss donated $100,000 to the ACLU and $100,000 to Live Free USA, an organization working to end incarceration (AKA dismantle the justice system).


Along with leftist Michael Bloomberg, Levis Strauss donated 1 million dollars to anti-gun groups.


Levi offered counseling to employees distressed over the Rittenhouse verdict.


Levi fired brand president, Jennifer Sey for repeatedly speaking out against draconian COVID restrictions in schools and mask mandates. When she appeared on FOX to talk about the harm lockdown had on kids, this enraged the Levi's staff, who considered it 'racist'. CEO Charles V. Bergh said it was 'untenable' for her to remain with the company. She was offered $1 million to be quiet and leave, which she refused. After she was forced out, Levi falsely said that she 'resigned'.


Levi Strauss opposed Trump's "Muslim travel ban".


Levi Strauss opposed North Carolina's common sense bathroom bill.


Levi Strauss is partners with the far-left-wing Rock The Vote.


Levis pays employees to travel out of state to kill their unborn child.


Hypocrites stiill doing business in Russia under the name JNS.


Levis jeans are made in Pakistan.


Levi Strauss is headquartered in the Marxist city of San Francisco.



Levi Strauss has no redeeming qualities.



Do not buy Levi Strauss products.



ALTERNATIVES (entire clothing related industry):

1. AllAmericanClothing sells jeans.

2. Cinch Jeans No wokeism that we can uncover.

3. 1791 Supply & Co

4. If you insist on buying Levi's products, then purchase through Dillard's instead of directly from Levis. This equates to less profit for Levi Strauss.

5. Jockey

6. Russell Athletic

7. Fruit of the Loom

8. Spaulding

9. Duluth Trading

10. Hanes is far from perfect but is not as 'woke' as most clothing companies.



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