Home Depot


Home Depot has been gradually losing our support


(for not just hardware, but kitchen, bed, bath, furniture, etc)



We were big Home Depot supporters until Home Depot fell off the wagon after the 2020 election. Co-founder, Ken Langone once supported Trump, then he began parroting the mainstream media's Capitol protest lies about Trump. Where was Ken Langone's outrage over the BLM riots?


We're told that Home Depot's store in Minneapolis actually flew a pride flag and was handing out black lives matter signs, thus promoting Marxism.


Home Depot also donated 1 million dollars to Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (although this is much less than the 25 million that Lowes donated in response to the BLM riots).


It is uncertain whether Home Depot is doing a tap dance, by grudgingly giving lip service to the left-wing cancel culture mob, or if Home Depot is run by RINO's.


Also in 2020, Home Depot's once heavy employee and PAC donations to Republicans began to serously waiver. In 2016, they donated 2.5 times more to Republicans. By 2020, just 17% more.



Home Depot co-founder, Bernie Marcus is a big Trump and Republican supporter, however he left the company way back in 2001.


We give Home Depot credit for merely giving a middle-of-the road, ambiguous response to leftist mob's demands for HD to denounce Georgia's voter reform bill.


We also give HD credit for so far not joining the fake "nonpartisan" group Civic Alliance, however we also give credit to Menards, Ace and Lowe's for not joining either!


We give HD credit for the fact that employee and/or PAC donations still slightly favor Republicans.


Home Depot is walking a thin line. We are following what they do closely. If they slip up, we will immediately cancel Home Depot.



Home Depot is far from perfect. Home Depot has been under attack by leftists. If they get their way, this will set a bad precedent. And so, in the short-term, you can shop at Home Depot in order to counteract the Democrat mob's boycott of Home Depot. We don't want to embolden radical leftists.


Home Depot management might want to take note that the leftist mob is never satisfied. You're only as good as your compliance with their latest ransom demand, otherwise they will turn against you at the drop of a hat.


Keep in mind that HD sells more than just hardware items. HD can be a nice alternative to Amazon.com, which is a despicable company that should never be supported.




1. Murdochs.com - Online ranch and home supplies store, based in Casper, Wyoming.

2. Atwoods.com - Online ranch and home supplies store, based in Oklahoma.

3. Do-it Center -

4. RuralKing.com - Farm and home store, including laundry detergent, pet food, toys, etc.

5. Ace Hardware is a franchise, therefore you should judge each store individually. We like smaller, individual companies that can't abuse their power. As a whole, Ace employee/PAC donations are more Republican leaning than Democrat.

6. Menards Home Improvement store affiliates have historically been heavy Republican donors, however they started to waiver in 2020, becoming more centrist. Donations were made to Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. Still carries MyPillow! This is a regional midwestern chain. Please support their online store if you don't have a physical store near you.

7. Lowes - This company has gone full woke! Lowes teaches critical race theory to employees, urging white employees to "cede power to people of color." We are also troubled by this company's choice to lavishly reward the BLM terrorists. In apparent response to the BLM riots, the company donated a whopping 25 million dollars to "minority owned businesses", thus discriminating against people who don't have the preferred skin pigmentation.



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