Review of HEB

(Owns Favor)


Boycott these disgraceful enemies of free speech, law & order, and secure elections




The H-E-B (HEB) Grocery Stores company is an insult to the constitution (1st and 2nd Amendments), as well as to the red state of Texas in general.


HEB stopped selling My Pillow products because CEO Mike Lindell merely questioned the integrity of the 2020 election.


Additionally, H-E-B reportedly financially threatened to end business dealings with Southern Star Brewery if they carried on with a "Rally Against Censorship" with Kyle Rittenhouse as a speaker. It worked. The event was cancelled. Kyle Rittenhouse is a good samaritan who volunteered to protect businesses from being burnt down by BLM thugs and was he threatened with death and attacked by these thugs merely for being on the side of law and order. Ryan Balch, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, testified that Joseph Rosenbaum threatened to kill both Rittenhouse and another good samaritan who is also a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. This action by the disgraceful cowards at H-E-B inherently helps to perpetuate the media's endless defamatory lies about Rittenhouse, and H-E-B inherently stands with rioters who burn down businesses and threaten those who protect businesses.


CEO, Charles Butt urged the Texas Supreme Court to support mail-in ballots (which predominantly aid democrats).


NO SURPRISE: H-E-B employees and PACs donated about 2 1/2 times more to democrats in 2020.


HEB discriminates by skin pigmentation, sexual preference, gender, etc: HEB employs a 'Director of Diversity and Inclusion and Supplier Diversity' to enforce the company's 'Commitment to Diversity'. Translation: Not only does HEB discriminate within the company, but they try to impose their 'diversity' ideology on other companies. A company may get rejected as a supplier of products to HEB if they employ too many white people, too many straight people, too many men, etc. H-E-B supports small businesses, and businesses that are 51 percent or more owned, operated and managed by someone who fits in one or more of the following categories: Women, Minority (AKA not white), veteran, disabled, 'disadvantaged', LGBT person.


H-E-B CEO Charles Butt sponsored a pride event where children were to be sexualized and exposed to woke LGBT+ ideologies.



Boycott H-E-B. Also, boycott Kroger. Don't forget that you can partially boycott a company. For example, order vitamins and personal care items online.




1. Order personal care items online.


Jeremy's Razors -

The Beard Club -

Dissident Soaps - No woke politics

Defender Razor -


2. Order vitamins from the following online stores: - Based in Huntington Beach, California (the anti-California city). No 'woke' tweets, no SJW causes, no political donations that we can find. Politically neutral.

eVitamins - Based in Utica, MI

Swanson Vitamins - Although the company is owned by a San Francisco based private equity firm, they appear to be apolitical.


3. Buy beauty products from, which seems to be apolitical.



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