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Hypocrital leftist at the forefront of cancel culture and thievery





GoFundMe is a far-left-wing crowdfunding platform that is known for canceling and attempting to steal from conservatives, while catering to radical leftists. GoFundMe does by selectively interpreting/enforcing their 'terms and conditions' facade.


GoFundMe outrageously removed the Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy (protesting vaccine mandates) fundraiser after 10 million dollars had been donated. GoFundMe's cover excuse was that the fundraiser violated GoFundMe's selectively enforced 'terms and conditions', specifically "violence and other unlawful activity". 100% PURE HYPOCRISY: Keep in mind that GoFundMe hypocritically allows fundraisers for Black Lives Matter, despite the fact that BLM has caused 1 - 2 billion dollars in damage across 20 states from 5/25/2020 - 6/8/2020. 16,241 were arrested. 2,037 police officers were assaulted or injured. 1 police officer was killed. GoFundMe then outrageously announced that they intended to divert the Canadian trucker money to other causes of their choosing. It wasn't until Ron DeSantis threatened a fraud investigation of the company, that GoFundMe agreed to simply refund the donors. The Canadian truckers were still denied their funds. A new fundraiser was later started on GiveSendGo.com (note: The site has been experiencing increased traffic and may be slow. They are working to fight off bot attacks from leftists).



GoFundMe outrageously removed [1, 2] the fundraiser for Kyle Rittenhouse's legal defense. A new fundraiser was later started on GiveSendGo.com


GoFundMe terminated the "We The People BUILT the Wall!" fundraiser to help build the Southern border wall.


GoFundMe banned conservative Laura Loomer.


GoFundMe allows fundraisers for the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter.


GoFundMe allowed a fundraiser for the family of Manuel "Tortuguita" Páez Terán, who shot a Georgia State Patrol trooper.


GoFundMe allowed a fundraiser for Trump-hater Pete Strzok.


GoFundMe joined the left-wing Civic Alliance organization.


In 2015, Accel Partners and Technology Crossover Ventures purchased a majority stake in GoFundMe. Like clockwork, Accel Partners' employees and PAC's are rabid democrat donors, and Technology Crossover Ventures employees and PAC's are rabid democrat donors.


GoFundMe supports illegal immigration.




GoFundMe is headquartered in the Marxist hotbed of 'Silicon Valley', CA.



GoFundMe has no redeeming qualities.



Boycott GoFundMe and CrowdRise for life. Do NOT use Patreon, Fundly, IndieGoGo, or Kickstarter either! They are also left-wing cancel culture sites.




1. GiveSendGo

2. Subscribestar

3. GabPay

4. AlignPay

5. Accepting payments: Always make bitcoin payments an option. Currently, bitcoin is the only sure way to prevent being suddenly cancelled. This is how you dodge government tyranny, such as Canada invoking the Emergencies Act to stop 'Freedom Convoy' crowdfunds.

6. Sending payments: Utilize bitcoin payments if the payee accepts bitcoin.



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