General Motors

(Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer, Isuzu, Onstar, AC Delco, BrightDrop, Periscope, Ultium)


Boycott this far-left-wing, anti-American company that has very bad intentions





In a vulgar display of anti-democracy, General Motors opposed Republican-backed legislation to repair Michigan's broken voting system.

In a vulgar display of pro-censorship, General Motors suspended advertising on Twitter when Elon Musk took over, in order to "understand the direction of the platform" (NOTE: These are weasel words for GM wanting to destroy 1st Amendment protected free speech in America).


Did not support Trump's legal fight against California regarding emissions standards / global warming hysteria.

Democrats and unions are always in bed with each other. Elon Musk knows it. The United Auto Workers predictably endorsed Clinton in 2016. The UAW also predictably endorsed Biden for president. The irony is that Joe Biden voted for the North American Free Trade Agreement, which was opposed by many union members.


"the country needs a president who will demonstrate clear, stable leadership, less partisan acrimony"

-- UAW president, Rory Gamble attacking Trump with DNC buzz words


"The general public is not aware of the degree to which unions control the Democratic Party. One does not need to speculate on this point"

-- Elon Musk


GM went 'woke' in 2020, as employees and PAC's donated 42% more to Democrats than Republicans.

GM has an entire website about their commitment to ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and D.I.E. (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion).


GM actually created an an 'Inclusion Advisory Board'.


GM donated $10 million to organizations that promote inclusion (AKA exclusion of merit based hiring) and racial justice (thus furthering the false narrative of America being systemically racist).



GM hired a former Obama administration official and niece of Joe Biden as head of their Marxist ESG policies. [1, 2]


GM wants D.I.E. (AKA race, gender, LBGTQ, socialism over merit).




Committed to OneTen, AKA hire based on race over merit.


Pride tribalism and climate change nonsense all in one commercial.


More tribalism and indoctrination: The GM brand has set its sights on amplifying key issues and voices in the LGBTQ community in an ongoing effort called "Authentic Voices of Pride".


In a vulgar display of anti-Americanism, GM sponsored Eileen Gu, the Olympic skier who defected to China.


The United Auto Workers Union stands with the pro-Hamas rioters.



KARMA: United Auto Workers are paying for the climate scam that they support. Ford will not give pay raises that prevent them from investing in the transistionb EV's.



Stop buying GM vehicles. If you buy a GM vehicle, you are supporting censorship, financing the Marxist democrat party, and promoting critical race theory and racism.




1. Buy another brand. They're all 'woke' to some degree. Pick the one that you find least offensive -- just don't buy a GM-owned vehicle, product, or service (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Hummer, Isuzu, Onstar, AC Delco, BrightDrop, Periscope, Ultium).



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