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Parents beware! Almost the entire industry has become infested with wokeness!

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fist tribal Activision-Blizzard - Race-mongering donations by the CEO and the company. Removed Call of Duty 'skin' after ant-LGBTQ comment.

fist d AMD - Woke Chief Human Resources Officer, Ruth Cotter. Dem donors by ratio of 12.5 to 1.

fist Astro Gaming - Sucks up to BLM. Use CoolerMaster instead.

tribal Atari - LBGTQ tribalism/indoctrination through a new app.

fist tribal Bethesda - Pride tribalism.

fist tribal Big Fish Games - Supports BLM, pride tribalism.

fist Blizzard Entertainment - Race-mongering, Introducing children to LBGTQ through its games.

fist Bossa Studios - BLM donors, race-mongering.

fist Bungee - Donated to the Equal Justice Initiative, which works to "end mass incarceration, excessive punishment, and racial inequality" (AKA the left's dangerous goal of tearing down the justice system), promotes the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter via Destiny 2 items.

fist Capcom - Race-mongering, undiclosed donations. Support SNK Corporation products instead.

fist CD Project Red - Race-mongering

fist Chucklefish - Race-mongering, race-based donations.

fist Coffee Stain Studios - Supports hiring based on race, gender, and non-binary (AKA discrimination).

fist Crayta - Race-mongering, created a Black Creators Prize Fund.

fist DDM - NAACP donors,

fist Deep Silver - BLM

fist Devolver Digital - Donated to BLM, National Bail Out, NAACP, and Know Your Rights Camp.

fist Digital Extremes - BLM donors, race-mongering, LBGTQ tribalism/indoctrination

fist Double Fine - Donated to BLM, the NAACP, and Color of Change.

fist gun Electronic Arts - Race-mongers, donated $1 million to Equal Justice Initiative and the NAACP. Banned the user name "Kyle Rittenhouse", cut off paying gun makers for product placement in games.

fist EA Games - Supports the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter by donating 1 million dollars to "the fight for racial justice in the U.S. and against discrimination around the world."

fist tribal Epic Games - Anti-police, used CNN race-monger Van Jones to host a Podcast. Pride tribalism.

fist Evo - Race-mongering, NAACP donors.

fist Fanatical - BLM

fist Flowplay - NAACP donors.

fist ForwardXP - Race-based donations.

fist Fusebox Games - Race-mongering, race-based doors.

fist tribal GameSpot - Race-mongering, pride tribalism.

fist tribal 3 d GameStop - Joined the anti-Trump group Stop Hate For Profit. "We value diversity in our team." Celebrates pride month. TX-based. Disgrace to state of Texas. Looted in NYC -- They deserve to be looted.

fist 3 Games Done Quick - Race-mongering, donated to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, wants "equality" (AKA socialism), Orwellian banning of users.

fist tribal GearBox Software - Solidarity with BLM and LGBTQ activists.

tribal d Green Man Gaming - Highly obnoxious company! Pride tribalism. Attacking Trump.

fist Hidden Variable Studios - Donated to BLM-related causes.

fist Hinterland Games - BLM donors.

fist tribal Hi-Rez Studios - Cheering for BLM [1, 2], LBGTQ tribalism.

fist House House - Donated to "community bail funds", AKA releasing criminals.

fist Humble - Donations to NAACP, Bail Project, etc. Race-mongers, created a race-based fund only for black developers. SF-based.

fist HyperX - Race-mongering

tribal IGN - Imagine Games Network - Priude tribalism.

fist Imagine Games Network (owned by Humble Bungle) - Major rece-mongers, driving donations to NAACP Legal Defense Fund, blackout Tuesday.

fist tribal d Insomniac Games - Against Trump's travel ban. Incorporates BLM into their game. Banned a mod for replacing LGBT flags in a game with American flags.

fist Intel - race-based doors.

fist - Raising $8.1 million for NAACP, Community Bail Fund.

fist amer Jackbox Games - "Content moderation" AKA censorship. Donated to Center for Policing Equity, Black Girls Code, The Hidden Genius Project.

fist Jagex - Donors to a charity that's "devoted to inclusion", matching employee donations to further "racial equity and fighting prejudice".

fist Klei Entertainment - Donated a whopping $1 million to the ACLU, the NAACP.

fist tribal 3 Limited Run Games - Outrageously fired an employee over their personal social media activity. Race-mongering. NIMBY's based in Apex, NC (78% white). Like true Marxists, they limit who can respond to their tweets to people @LimitedRunGames mention.

fist Little Orbit - Donated to BLM and the NAACP.

d Kojima Productions - "With politics moving to the right, I'm afraid of this kind of movement in America." - Hideo Kojima, the creator of the Metal Gear Solid series and the upcoming Death Stranding.

fist Mojiworks - Race-mongers, BLM donors, matching employee race-based donations.

fist NCSoft - Race-mongering.

fist Naughty Dog - Race-mongers, ACLU, NAACP donors.

fist Nexon - Race-mongers, pusing diversity, inclusion and BLM.

fist amer Nintendo - Supports the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter. Enemies of free speech: Stopped advertising on Musk's Twitter.

fist Niantic - Race-based hiring, donating 10 million dollars to the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter.

fist tribal Nividia - ESG, BLM race-mongering, pride tribalism.

fist Obsidian Entertainment - Race-mongering, NAACP donors.

fist Paradox Interactive - Race-mongering

fist PC Gamer - Race-mongering, "diversity targets" (AKA discriminating based on race), giving $1 million of advertising space across its brands to organisations supporting Black Lives Matter, pushing "systemic racism awareness" and training on "inclusion and diversity" (AKA critical race theory) to employees, giving colleagues with black skin pigmentation a "greater voice".

fist tribal 1r Play Station - Released a black lives matter theme for Play Station 4, thus legitimizing the violent Marxist group. Joined StopHateForProfit.

fist tribal Pokemon - Supports the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter. Donated 100K to BLM and 100K to NAACP. Pushing LBGTQ on kids

fist Razer - Sucks up to BLM. Use CoolerMaster instead

fist Rebellion - Supports BLM.

fist tribal d Riot Games - Race-mongers, wants criminal justice reform (AKA release criminals early, etc), race-based "start-up programs", ACLU donors, joined Civic Alliance. "Celebtrating pride with you." Chinese-owned!

fist tribal Roblox - CEO David Baszucki race-mongering. Pride tribalism.

tribal Rovio - Pride tribalism.

fist Sega - Donated to unspecified charities, apparently race-based.

fist d Scopely - Donated 1 million dollars to the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter, the NAACP and others.

fist tribal SkullCandy - Race-mongering, LBGTQ tribalism.

fist Skybound - Race-mongering.

fist tribal Sony, Mojang (Minecraft, Naughty Dog) - See our description of Sony under our "Tech" category. (See under Computer Hardware / Software). Supports BLM, LBGTQ tribalism.

fist Square Enix - Donated $250,000 in addition to matching employee donations to the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter and other charities.

fist tribal Steam (owned by Valve) - Women's tribalism, racial tribalism.

fist Steel Series - Supports the violent Marxist group BLM.

fist Street Fighter community - Raise $$ for charities related to BLM.

fist Sumo Group - Donated to various "anti-racist charities" in the UK, Canada, and India

fist Supercell - BLM, NAACP donor. Matching employee donations.

fist Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. - Race-mongering, BLM donors, etc.

fist Team17 - Donated to Stand Up to Racism.

fist tribal d ThatGameCompany - Race-mongering, donated $20,000 to the NAACP and the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter, LBGTQ tribalism.

fist amer TripWire Interactive - Their CEO supposedly "stepped down" for expressing his opinion on abortion. We're not buying it. He was forced to resign. His opinions "do not reflect" those of this left-wing company. Also fighting for racial justice and supports the NAACP, Race Forward, and the Bail Project. Doubling employees' paid volunteer days so that they can protest with or volunteer for the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter.

amer Trovo (owned by Chinese company Tencent) - Banning users.

fist amer Ubisoft - $100,000 to BLM-related causes. Pulled advertising from Musk's Twitter.

fist alert-1 UbiSoft - Assassin's Creed publisher donated to BLM and NAACP.

fist Ascendant Studios - NAACP donors.

fist Netspeak Games - Donated to a BLM bail fund.

fist Payload Studios - Donated to the race-mongering Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.

fist Pole to Win - Donated to ACLU

fist Valve Corporation - Pledged to be a big sponsor of the Game Devs of Color Expo. They also supported the Black Voices in Gaming event hosted by Media Indie Exchange founder Justin Woodward.

fist tribal d Wizards of the Coast (owned by Harbro, the "WORST" in "Toy" category) - Pushing D.I.E., implemented a "comprehensive diversity & inclusion strategy", LGBTQ tribalism.

fist Xbox Game Studios (343 Industries) - Race-mongering, NAACP donors, etc.

fist ZeniMax Media (Bethesda) - Owned by Microsoft. Race-mongering, diversity initiatives.

fist tribal d Zynga - Race-mongering. Against NC's bathroom bill. Against Florida's Parental Rights Bill. Mark Pincus, Executive Chairman and Founder is a never-Trumper.





3D Realms -


8BitDo -


Apogee Entertainment - Appears to be apolitical, not race-mongering. Let us know if you find otherwise.


Asus -  


Conartist Games - Makers of The Last Stand series and Crush The Castle


Cooler Master -


Five Nights at Freddy's - Creator is a Trump supporter.


DitoGames - Some cool games. No wokeness that we can fine. Swiss company.


Halfbrick Studioes - Makers of Fruit Ninja series


Kalypso Media Digital - Game publisher of Tropico and Commandos series. 


Madfinger Games - Makers of Shadowgun and Dead Trigger series


MercurySteam - Makers of Spacelord.


New World Interactrive - Makers of Insurgency series


Overkill Software -


Plarium - Appears to be apolitical, not race-mongering. Let us know if you find otherwise.


PanzerDog - Appears to be apolitical.


Red Barrels - Makers of Outlast series


Playgendary - Appears to be apolitical.


SNK Corporation - Appears to be apolitical, not race-mongering. Let us know if you find otherwise.


Starbreeze Studios -


Tap4fun - Appears to be apolitical.


TinyZoo - Not pushing politics


Wayforward Technologies - Appears to be apolitical.



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