(owns VRBO, Trivago, Hotels.com, Travelocity, Orbitz, Hotwire)

Boycott this obnoxious far left-wing company



Expedia pulled advertising from Laura Ingram for criticizing anti-gun activist, David Hogg.


Former CEO, Barry Diller has Trump Derangement Syndrome. Diller signed an open letter opposing the candidacy of Donald Trump. Diller said he would move out of the country if Trump won the election. We're still waiting for Diller to hurry up and leave! President Trump called Barry Diller a "sad and pathetic figure". We agree!


In an interview with the left-wing corporate outlet CNBC on Oct 11, 2016, Barry Diller said of Trump, "The idea that clown, bad clown, could actually be president of the United States, it just insults all of us."


Referencing Trump in an interview with the left-wing corporate outlet CBS, Diller said "unfortunately we have witch doctor as a president".


After the 2020 election, Diller called Trump "irrelevant".


Expedia resisted Trump's immigration order.


Diller gave lip service to the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter, calling the movement an "awakening".


Expedia Group offered employees a day off in honor of (convicted armed robber, and fentanyl and meth user) George Floyd and other "innocent black lives taken too soon because of racial injustice". So Expedia rushed to judgment, before hearing the facts of the case, implying that this was both a murder and a hate crime.


New CEO, Peter Kern parroted the same critical race theory narrative that America-is-racist, lack of diversity, blah blah blah.


Democrats rewarding Democrats: On their 'woke' board of directors is other than Chelsea Clinton. She is generously paid $45,000 a year in cash, plus $250,000 a year in stock vesting over three years. To do what?


Expedia is obsessed with indoctrinating employees into critical race theory nonsense. Expedia actually hired a "Global Head of Inclusion & Diversity".


Orbitz opposes North Carolina's common sense bathroom bill, whereby all public bathrooms and locker rooms are single-sex facilities. Men use the men’s room and women use the women’s room. Sexual identity is based on biology, as stated on one’s birth certificate.


Paying for abortions: After the overturn of Roe VS Wade, Expedia updated their medical benefits policy to include travel costs for abortions.


Expedia is headquartered in the Marxist city of Seattle.



Expedia has no redeeming qualities.

Karma crushed Expedia during the coronavirus lockdowns. According to Barry Diller, sales went from $250,000 per day to zero.



Do not do business with Expedia, VRBO, Trivago.com, Hotels.com, Travelocity, Orbitz or Hotwire.




1. Book directly through the hotel you want to stay at. Simple. Be sure that the hotel is not on our boycott list!


2. PriceLine.com (owned by Booking Holdings) - We credit the CEO for not signing the open letter opposing Trump, nor the Civic Alliance organized opposition to Georgia's voting reform law. Democrat donors, but relatively small amounts.


3. Vacationrenter.com instead of VRBO or AirBnb (which we also boycott).


4. Homestay.com instead of VRBO or AirBnb (which we also boycott).


5. Homestay.com for RV stays, instead of VRBO or AirBnb (which we also boycott).



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