Duck Duck Go


Yet another lefty search engine run by progressive wokeholes



Duck Duck Go has merely partnered with other left-wing sites like Bing, Yahoo, and Wikipedia to produce 'their' search results.


A simple "news" tab search for "election" produces article links to lefty propaganda from CNN, Wash Post, ABC, Politico, CBS, and USA Today. Missing are articles from conservative sites such as Breitbart, TheEpochTimes, TheGatewayPundit, NewsMax, NY Post, WesternJournal, the Blaze, etc.


A simple web search for "Trump" produces left-wing news articles at the top of the page by the same lefty "news" outlets.


DDG has no interest in providing encyclopedia links to InfoGalactic or Conservapedia. Instead, their go-to encyclopedia is Wikipedia propaganda.


Not surprisingly, the people at DuckDuckGo are rabid democrat donors.


DDG has discriminatory hiring practices based on race, LBGTQ, etc.


DDG wants more Facebook censorship.


DDG is pushing the usual climate change nonsense.



Duck Duck Go merely gives you privacy.



Stop using Duck Duck Go.




1. Use or instead.


2. Use TheLibertyDaily, CitizenFreePress, for news aggregator sites.



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