Discover Financial Services

(owns Discover Card, Kabbage, Pulse)


Boycott these Marxists





Discover Financial Services is a vile threat to the 1st and 2nd Amendments and we have selectively chosen to pick them off!


The company opposed Georgia's much needed voting reform bill.


Discover outrageously stopped accepting transactions at web host


Discover outrageously blocked its card holders from making any donations on the Christian crowdfunding site GiveSendGo for Kyle Rittenhouse. Imagine your credit card company telling you what you can and cannot spend money on!


Discover donated 5 million dollars specifically to black owned businesses, thus discriminating against businesses owned by people of other skin pigmentations.


Discover employees and/or PAC's are heavy democrat donors. So are the other three CC companies, but Discover was the most lopsided Democrat donor.



Discover Financial Services has no redeeming qualities.



Destroy your Discover card. Don't bank with Discover Financial Services.




1. Instead use Coign.


2. Also use AlignPay, GabPay, or cryptocurrencies for online purchases. If you sell online, then make these alternative payment options available to buyers.



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