Review of Delta Airlines

(owns Endeavor Air)


Trump says to boycott this far-left company




Donald Trump himself has called for the boycott of Delta Airlines.


Delta’s CEO, Ed Bastian, opposed Georgia's voting reform bill, calling it “unacceptable and does not match Delta’s values.” Logical Translation: Delta wants people to be able to fraudulently vote without ID.


Delta resisted the policy of separating migrant families.


Delta also ended business with the NRA.


Delta supports the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter with BLM pins. But, Delta kicks passengers off their planes for wearing "F*** Joe Biden" clothing.


Committed to OneTen, AKA hire based on race over merit.


Pride tribalism.


Delta threatened to charge unvaccinated employees $200 per month. This mere threat caused 90% of employees to get vaccinated, before Delta backed off on their threat. This 90% figure is far above the national average of 55%.



Delta Airlines has no redeeming qualities.



Do not fly with Delta under any circumstances.




1. Choices are limited. You may have to simply pick the least offensive airlines from our boycott list.



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