Bank of America / Merrill Lynch


Boycott these woke, racist, DNC-aligned, Orwellian spies




Regardless of your party affiliation, you will want to avoid doing business with Bank of America and Merrill Lynch because they do not value your privacy and they penalize you for expenditures that go against social justice causes.


Merrill Lynch assigns a communist China-style (Environmental, Social, and Governance) ESG score to customers, then shares it with banks, lenders, etc. What is that score based on? Social justice warrior causes such as global warming, diversity, guns, political party affiliation, etc. Glenn Beck asks, what happens if you buy a gun or stock in a gun company? What if you buy too much gas or use too much electricity? What if you pay to subscribe to the Daily Wire? If you're on the wrong side of these issues, Merrill Lynch/Bank of America will apparently lower your score. Don't be fooled by Merrill Lynch if they claim that they are just trying to 'help you invest'. Their own disclosures state that your ESG score can affect car loans, personal mortgages, commercial real estate, business loans, listed equity, and energy finance.


B of A snooped on customers and voluntarily handed over data to the Feds after the Capitol Hill riot, providing such information as customer purchases of plane tickets to Washington DC, hotel room rentals, gun purchases, and other purchases in the Washington DC area. Bank of America provided travel records to the FBI, without court authority, on who merely took bus rides to President Donald Trump's Jan. 6th rally. Keep in mind that even the left-wing Apple put up a fight when the Feds asked for them to unlock the San Bernardino shooter's cell phone.


B of A teaches critical race theory to employees, urging white employees to "cede power to people of color."


Shades of early early Nazi Germany: The people running B of A are unequivocally racist. B of A teaches employees that...

1) The United States is a “racialized society” that uses “race to establish and justify systems of power, privilege, disenfranchisement and oppression.”

2) White toddlers “develop racial biases by ages 3 to 5” and “should be actively taught to recognize and reject the ‘smog’ of white privilege.”

3) Whites are more likely to “have more limited imagination,” “experience fear, anxiety, guilt or shame,” “contribute to racial tension, hatred and violence” and “react in broken ways.”


Merrill Lynch is partners with the race-based Thurgood Marshall Fund.


B of A opposed Georgia's much needed voting reform bill. This was a clear attack on Republicans.


B of A also won't loan money to gun makers, thus a clear and reprehensible attack on the 2nd amendment.


B of A stopped doing business with clients that run immigrant detention facilities. 


Company individuals and PAC's donated 80% more to Biden than Trump.


B of A opposes North Carolina's common sense bathroom bill, whereby all public bathrooms and locker rooms are single-sex facilities. Men use the men’s room and women use the women’s room. Sexual identity is based on biology, as stated on one’s birth certificate.


Pride tribalism. [1, 2]


In response to the overturning of Roe VS Wade, B of A announced that they will pay for healthcare travel related expenses.



Do not do business with Bank of America or Merrill Lynch.




NOTE: All of the major brokerages are offensive to one degree or another, but these companies are nowhere near as offensive and Merrill Lynch. These are the least offensive brokers in no particular order...


1. Zachs Trade - Essentially uses Interactive Brokers LLC, to provide custodial banking through JP Morgan Chase. If you use Zachs Trade, in order to mitigate business with JP Morgan Chase, don't leave a lot of cash sitting in your account. Either invest it or transfer it to your non-woke bank. Zachs Trade mirrors what InteractiveBrokers does as far as ESG goes.


2. InteractiveBrokers - InteractiveBrokers is a mixed bag. On the bright side, their employees and PAC's have a stellar donation record. A solid 87.6% of donations went to Republicans in 2020. However, IB uses JP Morgan Chase (a "worst" company) as their custodial bank. InteractiveBrokers also uses ESG to rate investable companies. At least, so we are told, they do not use ESG to rate their own customers, as Merrill Lynch does. If you use InteractiveBrokers, then in order to mitigate business with JP Morgan Chase, don't leave a lot of cash sitting in your account. Either invest it or transfer it to your non-woke bank. Also, do not open a bank/checking account with IB, which would further patronize JP Morgan Chase.


3. Charles Schwab - The ONLY reason we mention Schwab is because their employees and PAC's have a rock solid donation record (89% to Republicans in 2022). Schwab uses TD Bank as the custodian of customer cash. Still a bad company, but not as bad as JP Morgan Chase, whom they once used as their custodial banker. Schwab charitable suddenly cut off donations to the NRA. If you are a staunch gun supporter, then you might want to skip doing business with Schwab. Schwab is making race-based donations: $3.5 million scholarship program for Black students pursuing degrees in financial planning. People with other skin pigmentations do not qualify! Finally, Schwab is "committed to ESG through sustainable real estate practices, responsible workflows, and investment stewardship. Schwab discloses key corporate sustainability metrics around carbon emissions, energy and water use, and volume of environmentally favorable purchases". Based in a suburb of Dallas, TX.


4. FirstTrade - This is a privately held brokerage. From a purely investment perspective, this might make some nervous. Stanford Financial Group was a privately held group of financial services companies that offered CD's that were part of a Ponzi scheme. We have no reason to believe that FirstTrade is running any fraud schemes. First Trade uses BMO Harris Bank as their custodial bank, which joined the anti-Trump group StopHateForProfit. BMO Harris Bank is middle of the road as far as political donations, slightly favoring Republicans.



1. For banking/checking, find an apolitical credit union or regional bank.

Old Glory Bank - Link - Very patriotic! Against left-wing cancel culture. Larry Elder supports this mid-Western bank.

Coosa Valley Credit Union - Link

Christian Community Credit Union - Link

Adelfi Credit Union - Link


2. MidFirst Bank - The largest privately-owned bank in the United States. No woke tweets that we can find. Donations have heavily favored Republicans, although the gap has narrowed recently. The only negatives we can find are an April 6, 2020 $100,000 donation to a partner of the United Way (which has more recently began teaching critical race theory and urging white people to "cede power to people of color"), and a donation to the Boys & Girls Club (which opposed Georgia's much-needed voting reform bill).


3. tribal fist Commerica Bank - Dallas-based. Far from perfect, but perhaps Comerica is the least offensive of the big banks, which are all woke. Employees and PAC donations favor Republicans. However, Comerica donated 1 million dollars to assist black-owned small businesses, thus discriminating against all other skin pigmentations. Otherwise, Comerica appears to be apolitical. Use only as a last resort.



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