unAmerican Express

(owns Kabbage)


One of the most racist companies in America





Shades of 1933-1934 Nazi-Germany: Instead of discriminating against Jews, American Express wants to cancel white people. American Express is teaching its employees that America is fundamentally racist, that capitalism is fundamentally oppressive, and that their White employees are guilty of White privilege and internalized White supremacy.


AmEx ties executive bonuses to racial “equity,” managers are financially incentivized to hire minorities, even if they are less qualified. (Sources) AmEx instituted critical race theory training, teaching staff that “capitalism is racist” and asking workers to rank themselves on a hierarchy of “privilege. AmEx gave preferential contracts to suppliers just because the heads of those companies happen to be Black.


Amex also divides employees by gender and sexuality.


Amex donated $50 million to BLM-affiliated groups.


Enemies of free speech: Amex stopped advertising on Musk's Twitter.


Enemies of free speech: Amex banned Gab.


Enemies Trump: Amex cut off political donations to Republicans who support Trump.


Enemies of fair elections: Amex opposed Georgia's much needed voting reform bill, which among other things requires an ID card to vote. In fact, Amex CEO Ken Chenault started the movement, along with Ken Frazier of Merck.


Employees and/or PAC's donated about 50% more to democrats than Republicans in 2020.


Separate but equal categorization of gun purchases. Expect gun purchases to be penalized via ESG rating.


Pride tribalism.


Committed to OneTen, AKA hire based on race over merit.



Amex has no redeeming qualities.



Destroy your Amex card. Don't use Amex or Kabbage.




1. Instead use Coign.


2. Whenever possible, use AlignPay, GabPay, or cryptocurrencies for online purchases. If you sell online, then make these alterative payment options available to buyers.



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