Amalgamated Bank


The most radical left-wing company we've ever seen!



Amalgamated Bank checks all of the boxes. Everything this bank stands for, we oppose! Amalgamated Bank is as left-wing a company as we have ever seen. Fortunately, they are relatively tiny.




Amalgamated Bank is a union-owned bank. No surprise. Unions are always rabid leftists.


Amalgamated Bank says that "All immigrants deserve basic rights". Notice how, in typical leftist fashion, they left out the word "illegal".


Amalgamated Bank says "We will not lend money to companies or organizations that promote hatred." So, if you're against illegal immigration, you're "promoting hatred" -- a typical leftist form of gaslighting.


Amalgamated Bank says "We invest in companies that promote diversity and inclusion". So, rather than merit, Amalgamated Bank invests based on things like race, gender, LGBTQ, et.


Amalgamated Bank says, "We affirm that Black Lives Matter and the embedded racism in the criminal justice system must be dismantled to end its oppression of Black people."


Amalgamated Bank says, "We do not lend to weapons manufactures or distributors and private prison operators."


Amalgamated Bank says, "Gun violence is a public health crisis", which is the battle cry of people who hate the 2nd Amendment, and another great example of gaslighting.


Not surprisingly Amalgamated Bank fought hard for coding gun store purchases to be flagged as "Suspicious Activity". Their efforts worked when they got anti-gun politicians to join their fight. Historically, gun stores were classified by the International Standards Organization as "Sporting Goods Stores" (5941). But in recent years, anti-gun advocates began claiming that gun stores needed their own code.

UPDATE 12/2/2022: Amalgamated Bank will in fact file a Suspicious Activity Report to the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network whenever someone purchases a gun. 


Amalgamated Bank says, "We do not invest our own money in gun or ammunition manufacturers or distributors".


Amalgamated Bank says, "We offer impact portfolios that screen out investments in guns and ammunition."


Amalgamated Bank signed a letter supporting the Democrat’s radical “For the People Act”, in order to "strip states of their ability to implement basic election integrity safeguards, such as voter ID. It would also protect illegal aliens who are registered to vote, prevent states from purging their voter rolls, allow unlimited ballot harvesting, and make nationwide vote by mail without photo ID a reality."


Amalgamated Bank is partners with the left-wing Rock The Vote.


Amalgamated Bank says, "Climate change is a real threat to our planet and must be addressed with bold solutions". No, it is not and there's nothing we humans can do to change the temperature of the planet.


Not surprisingly, this company's employees and PACs have donated about 99.9% to Democrats.



Amalgamated Bank has no redeeming qualities.



It can't be more obvious to see that nobody should ever do business with Amalgamated Bank!




1. Bank with a credit union or apolitican regional bank that is not privately owned, ala Stanford Financial.


2. Comerica is perhaps the least offensive of the big banks.



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