(Owns CNN, Direct TV, HBO, TBS, Warner Brother, New Line Cinema, Warner Media)


Dangerous, racist, radical-left-wing company





AT&T owns the radical left-wing propaganda network CNN. Need we say more?


AT&T owns HBO (left-wing propaganda by John Oliver, Bill Maher, and others).


AT&T owns TBS (left-wing propaganda by Samantha Bee and others).


AT&T is teaching radical critical race theory to employees. AT&T assrts that “American racism is a uniquely white trait” and announces, “white people, you’re the problem” and “American racism is a uniquely white trait.” White employees at AT&T are mandated to confess their “systemic racism” and enjoyment of “white privilege” or face penalties.


AT&T employees are also forced to take a ’21-Day Racial Equity Habit Challenge’ inwhich they are to promote “reparations,” “defund police,” and “trans activism.”


AT&T cut off political funding to Republicans who support Trump.


AT&T voiced opposition to Georgia's much-needed voting reform law.


AT&T blocked Trump campaign texts in order to influence the election.


AT&T stopped advertising on Breitbart after being pressured by the far-laft-wing group, Sleeping Giants.


Employees and PAC's at AT&T donated a whopping $956,331 more to Biden than to Trump. Also donated 122% more to Democrats.


Don't be fooled by the fact that AT&T donated $2 million (relatively chump change) to Trump’s inaugural committee. AT&T tries to win favors with whoever is inaugurated. AT&T also gave $3 million to Obama's inauguration! In fact, after "donating" to Trump's inauguration, the National Security Agency later awarded AT&T with a 3.3 billion dollar contract! This was more than $750 million higher than a competitor’s bid.


CNN is trying to force FOX News off the Air.


In typical left-wing groupthink fashion, HBO tried to warm children up to the vaccines by having the Big Bird muppet character get vaccinated on Sesame Street.



AT&T has no redeeming qualities.



Do not do business with AT&T, Direct TV, Warner Brothers, New Line Cinema, and Warner Media. Also, cut the cable! Stop supporting left-wing propaganda networks like CNN, HBO, and TBS.




1. Use instead.


2. Use instead of a landline.


3. Do not post links to CNN articles. If you must, then use to archive the page, then post that link instead.



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