(Owns CNN, Direct TV, HBO, TBS, Warner Brothers, New Line Cinema, Warner Media)


Dangerous, racist, radical-left-wing propaganda machine





AT&T owns the radical left-wing propaganda network CNN. Need we say more?


AT&T owns HBO (left-wing propaganda by John Oliver, Bill Maher, and others).


AT&T owns TBS (left-wing propaganda by Samantha Bee and others).


AT&T is teaching radical critical race theory to employees. AT&T asserts that “American racism is a uniquely white trait” and announces, “white people, you’re the problem” and “American racism is a uniquely white trait.” White employees at AT&T are mandated to confess their “systemic racism” and enjoyment of “white privilege” or face penalties.


AT&T employees are also forced to take a ’21-Day Racial Equity Habit Challenge’ in which they are to promote “reparations,” “defund police,” and “trans activism.” In this program, AT&T attacks and blames white employees for every aspect of their lives, essentially accusing them of being racist because they don't have enough close black friends, black acquaintances, don't interact with enough black people, don't talk about racism enough, don't read enough books by black authors, don't watch enough TV shows and movies with black characters, don't have enough photos and artwork in their homes showing black people, etc. etc.


AT&T attacked Donald Trump for trying to strop critical race theory indoctrination programs, describing his efforts as 'threatening' and 'obstructive', and calling critical race theory indoctrination by the happy name, "diversity, equity, and inclusion trainings".




AT&T cut off political funding to Republicans who support Trump.


AT&T voiced opposition to Georgia's much-needed voting reform law.


AT&T blocked Trump campaign texts in order to influence the election.


AT&T stopped advertising on Breitbart after being pressured by the far-laft-wing group, Sleeping Giants.


Employees and PAC's at AT&T donated a whopping $956,331 more to Biden than to Trump. Also donated 122% more to Democrats.


Don't be fooled by the fact that AT&T donated $2 million (relatively chump change) to Trump’s inaugural committee. AT&T tries to win favors with whoever is inaugurated. AT&T also gave $3 million to Obama's inauguration! In fact, after "donating" to Trump's inauguration, the National Security Agency later awarded AT&T with a 3.3 billion dollar contract! This was more than $750 million higher than a competitor’s bid.


CNN openly admits that they are "news to the left".


Racist headlines at CNN are 'normal'...




CNN is trying to force FOX News off the Air.


AT&T's Direct TV dropped One America News Network.


In typical left-wing groupthink fashion, HBO tried to warm children up to the vaccines by having the Big Bird muppet character get vaccinated on Sesame Street.



CNN+ was a complete flop.



Do not do business with AT&T, Direct TV, Warner Brothers, New Line Cinema, and Warner Media. Also, cut the cable! Stop supporting left-wing propaganda networks like CNN, HBO, and TBS.




1. Use instead.


2. Use instead of a landline.


3. Use Roku or a smart TV instead of AT&T-owned cable or dish service. If possible, use an antenna to view local channels, otherwise Sling TV is the least offensive live stream service companies.


4. Do not post links to CNN articles. If you must, then use to archive the page, then post that link instead.



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