Sketchy Chinese online clothing retailers


(Instead buy from Dillard's, Jockey, Russell Athletic, Fruit of the Loom, Spaulding, Duluth Trading)


alert-1 - You will find some or all of the same products sold on these other websites: (note: We haven't researched these additional sites other than to confirm that they are selling some of the same products)


This online clothing retailer targets consumers of tactical gear (and patriotic clothing, including 'Let's Go Brandon' attire).


This Chinese company is on our list, not because it's a 'woke' company, but because it has been rated by brunchvirals as a 'scam', and because of it's rock-bottom low 1.3 star TrustPilot rating. Also see this video review.


Only 4% of the Trust Pilot reviews for Cotosen are 5 star reviews. We believe that the vast majority of these 5 star reviews are fake reviews. We base this opinion on the fact that most of these "rave reviews" are mysteriously coming from the Philippines! All of these 5 star reviews from the Philippines were mysteriously posted within two short time frames of 8 days and 4 days. That's it!


7 reviews posted from Jan 24, 2021 to Jan 31, 2021 (all from the Philippines).


Then for nearly 7 months there were NO 5-star reviews!


4 reviews posted from Aug 16, 2021 to Aug 19, 2021 (all from the Philippines).


Then there were NO more 5-star reviews!


Most of these "reviewers" have only posted one or two reviews. And these reviewers' other reviews are for... you guessed it... yet another online retailer from China. "Dave" from the Philippines has 4 reviews that are all for Chinese online retailers.


Additional Trust Pilot reviews are from never-Trumpers who read reports that Trump supporters were falling for the low quality "Let's Go Brandon" shirts that are being sold on these sites, and so they have posted fake 5 star reviews of Cotosen.


Based on reviews, here's the common theme:


1) Company uses Google Ads to entice consumers with too-good-to-be-true prices on what looks to be quality merchandise sold on a professional looking website.


2) Once you order, you will discover that the customer service department is inept or they don't respond in a timely manner.


3) Merchandise ships from China and takes 3 weeks to 4 months to arrive.


4) You'll receive clothing that is about two sizes too small and extremely low-quality (not as expected from pictures). Reviewers say very thin material that looks like polyester -- not cotton.


5) Returning items is cost-prohibitive -- Reports of the cost of shipping exceeding the cost of the merchandise. $60 to return to an address in China.


6) Stolen credit card information? We've also read a report of a consumer complaining of their credit card being used shortly afterwards for fraudulent purchases.


Other sites to avoid:


IMPORTANT: Before buying from an online retailer that you are not familiar with, check with as well as reviews on and With supply chain disruptions off of the coast of Long Beach, CA, now is a terrible time to order anything from overseas. It may take up to 4 months to arrive. If for any reason you have to return items, expect to pay an exhorbitant cost of shipping, to the point that it's just plain cost prohibitive to order anything from overseas. There are some reputable companies that use holding companies in the United States to ship and handle returns of merchandise.


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