Today's CDC study claiming that masks reduce

COVID-19 deaths by 1.9% is a sham

and laughable at face value


3-5-2021 -- The media suddenly reported on a mask study because finally there was one that supported mask wearing. Or does it? Of course, there has been no mention of other studies that have concluded the opposite -- that masks don't help and may in fact make matters worse.


Perhaps the best one compared county versus county in Florida.


A Danish mask study of 4,800 found little statistical difference in infection rates between a group that wore masks and a group that didn't. 42 of 2,393 people (1.8%) in the mask group and 53 of 2,470 (2.1%) in the no-mask group became infected.


Media silent.


The timing of the CDC's study is suspect because it comes just 2 days after Texas announced that they will be fully reopening. Researchers at the politicized CDC claim that from March 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020, counties that required people to wears mask outside of their home, in retail businesses and restaurants saw a 1.8 percentage point reduction in cases up to 100 days after the mask mandate was implemented, and a 1.9 percentage point reduction in deaths.


For starters, 1.9% would appear to be statistically insignificant. It's also laughable. All that mask wearing for just 1.9%!!!


But was there actually even a 1.9% reduction? One must understand that it is very easy to lie with statistics. The more complex something is, the easier it is to lie. Government is famous for lying with studies or citing flawed studies. A perfect example is how NASA cites four fatally flawed studies in order to make the claim that humans are causing the planet to overheat.


The first problem with this CDC study is that it's a single variable analysis. They only looked at mask mandates versus COVID cases and deaths. The are many other factors that can / could effect one state or county versus the other. Here are some:


Whether the population was hit earlier or later by the virus. Treatments have improved, thus reducing death rates.


The health of the populations, in particular the prevalence of obesity.


Population density.


The prevalence of overcrowding in housing.


Virus strains effecting a particular population.


Prevalence of indoor shopping and dining versus outdoor shopping and dining.


The CDC study may already be fatally flawed because it did not differentiate between indoor and outdoor dining. You cannot compare one versus the other. It also did not look at which types of masks work or don't work. Could it be that only N95 masks helped? The CDC has already quietly admitted that their meta data shows that cloth masks don't help.


But perhaps most importantly, the CDC combined viral and antibody test results for its case numbers. According to a watchdog group All Concerned Citizens, the CDC inflated case and fatality data.


Even if true, 1.9% is chump change. About 500,000 Americans have died of COVID-19 over the last year (if you believe the inflated statistics). 1.9% would translate to 9,500 people. Now that the virus is dying out, moving forward, it would be much less. Is that worth requiring 328 million people to wear N95 masks all the time? 38,000 Americans die in car accidents each year. We could ban cars, but we don't. 79,400 died of the flu in 2018. We never shut down schools, hair salons, restaurants, gyms and bars.


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