The media refuses to admit Aaron Rodgers made the RIGHT choice by not getting vaccinated!



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Aaron Rodgers is a 37-year-old professional athlete in great cardiovascular shape, who has no comorbidities (diabetes, cancer, etc). Even in the early days of the COVID outbreak, his healthy age group's odds of dying of COVID were 1 in 69,444 according to CDC data. Because of Rodgers' superior conditioning, this probably put him at even less risk of dying. Today, with new treatments that have emerged, that risk is certainly even more remote. Rodgers chose not to get vaccinated because he says that he has an allergy to ingredients in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. He skipped getting the J&J because of concerns over possible adverse effects. His concerns are real. The risk of death from a COVID vaccine across all age groups (healthy and unhealthy) is 1 in 30,879. The number of hospitalizations in the USA following vaccination are 75,605 according to VAERS as of Oct 1, 2021. The number of permanent disabilities in the USA after vaccination are 23,712 according to VAERS as of Oct 1, 2021. We don't know what the long-term side effects of the vaccines are.


Rodgers wound up taking some of the new treatments, those being monoclonal antibodies and ivermectin.


As it turned out, Rodgers did not die, nor was he ever hospitalized! Within just 3 days of first experiencing symptoms he reported "feeling really good". And so in retrospect, Rodgers made the right choice by NOT getting vaccinated. He never needed to! Why isn't the media pointing this out? Because had Rodgers been hospitalized or died, the media would have played Monday morning quarterback, yelling from the rooftops "Ya see! We told you so!"


Now more than ever, having recovered from COVID, Rodgers has no need to get vaccinated because he has antibodies that are superior to vaccine antibodies. And so, will the NFL follow the science or will they continue to treat him as a danger to others by forcing him to follow silly protocols? Will he still be still banned from traveling on the team charter? Will he still be banned from eating in the cafeteria?


Sure enough, the NFL inexplicably continues to require Rodgers to wear a mask indoors.


UPDATE: The NFL later inherently admitted that their segregation of unvaccinated players was pointless and stupid.