Most Desperate and Absurd Truther Lies about 911


13) Molten Steel

meltTruthers point to video of what they claim is molten steel pouring out of the trade center and this they claim is proof that government pre-planted thermite brought down the trade center buildings because jet fuel does not burn hot enough to melt steel.


Once again a logical explanation debunks this crazy assertion. We don't know what kind of metal this was. Truthers conveniently assume that it was steel that was pouring out. In reality this molten metal could have come from other sources such as metal office furniture which melts at a lower temperature than jet fuel. But in all likelihood it was simply aluminum from the approximately 180,000 pound 767 plane, 80% of which is aluminum. Depending on the alloy, aluminum has a melting point of only 887°F to 1184°F, well below the temperature at which jet fuel burns.


Logic dictates that if the steel frame was melting then it was at zero strength. But the building was still standing! With many 450,000 pound floors pushing down from above, this is impossible. Therefore it could not be melted steel.




dead14) The Hijackers are still alive

Like the Loch Ness Monster and Elvis sightings, these reports are pure fantasy. Where is a single video interview with one of these dead hijackers? There are none. If these guys were really alive this would be a huge news story. Mohammed Atta alone could easily earn a million dollars by doing TV interviews and a reality show. In the Middle East there's enough anti-American sentiment that any and every reporter would want to interview a hijacker.



15) Guys living in caves are incapable of this

These were no cavemen. They were living in the United States. The hijacker pilots went to flight schools. 3 of the 4 had earned their private pilot’s licenses. The 4th hijacker had both a private and commercial license. All of the hijacker pilots were trained in how to use auto pilot and navigational systems. All they would have had to do is plug in GPS coordinates and point the planes in the right direction to hit their targets.


Terrorists are well known for suicide attacks. 911 was no different.


Furthermore if truthers want to argue that the 19 hijackers didn't hijack the planes then who on each flight did? Nobody else on the flights had the training or motives to crash planes into buildings. And since the hijackings were coordinated, truthers would also need to explain how each passenger coordinated with the others from the other flights. It's just beyond absurd to think that it was anyone but the 19.


16) The holes in the Pentagon and WTC were too small. No planes.

With regard to the Pentagon impact, one wing hit the ground; the other was sheared off by the force of the impact with the Pentagon's load-bearing columns. What was left of the plane flowed into the structure in a state closer to that of a liquid than a solid mass.


Both WTC crashes were captured on video, with the 2nd WTC crash captured from many angles, so we already know that this is just the nature of how a plane damages a building. In 1945 a B-52 flew into the empire state Building. The wingspan of a B-52 is 67 feet, yet the impact hole was only 20 feet.


And again, there were at least 163 documented witnesses to the Flight 77 crash. 136 of them said they saw a plane, 26 said it was an American Airlines jet, 7 said it was a Boeing 757, 39 said large jet / commercial airliner, 2 said commuter plane but didn't mention size, and 1 said a corporate jet. NOBODY said they saw a missile. Nobody.


Furthermore it's a matter of connecting simple dots. 4 planes went missing at around the same time on the same day. 4 were reported to have crashed at around the same time on that same day. 2 were captured on video. How hard is it for even a 1st grader to connect the Pentagon "dot"?


ziad17) Passports from Flight 93 crash were planted. No planes.

Passports belonging to Ziad Jarrah and Saeed al-Ghamdi were found at the Flight 93 crash site. Truthers with no background in plane crash investigation claimed that this was impossible. Plane crashes are random. It is not uncommon for small items to survive. Truthers conveniently love to demand an absolute answer, but we can only speculate what exactly happened. Perhaps it was placed inside a coat pocket and packed inside a suitcase.


18) Prior to 911 no building had ever collapsed due to fire

Truthers love making apples to oranges comparisons. Every building is different and every fire is different. Prior to 911 no 110-story WTC-like building had ever been hit by a 767 passenger jet loaded with jet fuel at 470 and 590 MPH. 911 was a first of its kind!


Other steel structures have indeed collapsed due to fire including the Site and Sound Theater, McCormick Place, Kader Toy Factory, Mumbai High North Platform, Interstate 580, World Trade Center 5, Dogwood elementary school, Windsor tower, and the Faculty of Architecture Building.


Some truthers like to cite how the Madrid tower did not collapse due to fire, however unlike the World Trade Center buildings, the Madrid tower was constructed very differently. Its steel beams were surrounded by concrete. Concrete simply makes good insulation. Additional reading.


19) Commercial jets can't fly 500 MPH at low elevation without breaking up

This assertion is debunked by video of the planes crashing in NYC. It's already on video.


20) The US blew itself up in order to justify war

You have to have a motive for a crime on the level of 911. The foundation for the entire truth movement is that the US government blew itself up in order to gain public support to go to war, which is of course absurd. Truthers didn't think this one out.


Since WWII when has the US government ever needed to be attacked and have lots of people die in order to justify war? Lets go down the list... Operation Desert Storm? No. Kosovo? No. Bosnia? No. Panama? No. Korea? No. Vietnam? No. Truthers usually object to the notion the US was not attacked in Vietnam, claiming that the US faked being attacked at the Gulf of Tonkin as part of a "false flag" operation. And this is yet another kooky anti-US government conspiracy lie. In the first Gulf of Tonkin engagement, the US was attacked (not a "false flag"). In the 2nd incident the US was not attacked but it wasn't staged either. Whatever did happen in the Gulf of Tonkin that night was incorrectly perceived by U.S. military personnel as an attack (not a “false flag”). They made a mistake, which is different than staging an attack.


Therefore, since WWII the US has never needed to be attacked in order to gain support to go to war and so the entire truther foundation is flawed at the core.


And if you notice, truthers spend a lot of time discussing motives because it's a red herring distraction away from what really matters -- the fact that truther have absolutely no hard evidence to support their 911 conspiracy.


21) The mainstream media lies /never covers conspiracies

Truthers are always fixated on what they are told, which in and of itself suggests that they can't think for themselves. Truther theories are easily debunked with video proof, circumstantial facts and logic. Video proof, circumstantial facts and logic have absolutely nothing to do with "what we are told". Video proof, circumstantial facts and logic don't lie and aren't biased.


Nevertheless truthers believe that the "mainstream media" lies all the time. The media is biased and the media is sometimes sloppy and hasty, but rarely does the media ever lie about something on this scale. And usually it's a case of not "lying" but distorting the truth. And if and when this happens, like clockwork the offending media outlet become the subject of incessant criticism by other competing networks. Probably the most recent case of a media outlet lying was when an NBC editor over-edited George Zimmerman's 911 call to make him sound racist. In fact the NBC editor was fired and Zimmerman's lawyers have filed a defamation lawsuit against NBC. So the media has great incentive to be sure not to blatantly lie!


But these cases of "yellow journalism" are not even in the same ballpark as this notion of media and government conspiring together as part of a grand conspiracy to blow up the country. This is far beyond even comparing apples oranges. Nazi Germany couldn't pull off something on this scale. Media in the United States is not even government owned.


And if we flip it around, Alex Jones and George Noory only cover one side of the story... The kooky conspiracies. If anyone is biased it's these "alternative news" outlets and then truthers cherry pick what they are told by these outlets.


22) "You're a shill"

(Or "Your a shill". Bad grammar is the norm!)

shillWhen truthers are debunked in debate about their absurd 911 conspiracies they resort to ad hominem attacks (a logical fallacy) by calling you a "shill" which essentially means "government disinformation operative".


So let's review... Truthers not only believe that hundreds if not thousands of government conspirators blew up their own country, but now even more operatives are making posts in forums, on YouTube and even on websites like this one (never mind that this website attacks the brokerage and insurance industry). Their belief is that, like something out of the book 1984, anyone who disagrees with them must be a secret government operative. The fact that truthers think that everyone is a government disinformation agent just further demonstrates that truthers are rabid anti-government types. It also demonstrates that truthers are highly influenced by what they are told to believe and can't think logically on their own. Otherwise why would they care if they were debating with John McCain or Edward Snowden? Video, circumstantial facts and logic have absolutely nothing to do with the messenger. Video, circumstantial facts and logic are not opinion! They speak for themselves. Once again truthers never thought this one out.


23) The US government lies all the time

Truthers spend a lot of time making dispositional arguments about "the big bad government" rather than presenting what really matters, namely circumstantial facts and hard evidence about 911. Relying heavily on dispositional arguments is in and of itself is a logical fallacy known as the fundamental attribution error, and a sign of lack of evidence.


usaFurthermore, for what it's worth, this is an extreme case of comparing apples to oranges. It's one thing for a politician to get in front of a microphone and be evasive and deceptive. Politicians at all levels of government do this all the time. Nobody is arguing that. But planning and carrying out a massive conspiracy involving thousands of operatives is completely different! Such an operation would require massive planning and preparation, the convincing and recruiting of thousands of conspirators, logistics, flawless execution, and then keeping not just the conspirators quiet but keeping the people who took the moral high road and refused to participate quiet. In this day and age nobody can keep quiet about anything without Navy Seal tell-all books, WikiLeaks, Abu Ghraib leaks, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, General Petraeus, etc. Yet to this day not one conspirator has ever come forward.


Note: Some truthers falsely claim that Susan Lindauer exposed 911 as a government conspiracy, but in reality all she has done is present the usual arguments. Just like any other truther, she has no hard evidence to support her arguments. Lindauer was also ruled mentally unfit to stand trial. When your all-star "whistleblower" was ruled mentally unfit to stand trial, you are really reaching for straws.


Which leads us to this final question: Why on earth would the Bush administration and the Republican party risk getting caught doing something this horrific without a motive to begin with? ANSWER: They wouldn't. Getting caught doing something this horrific would probably bring down the US government. At the very least it would destroy the Republican party for all eternity. The masterminds would certainly receive death penalties. It's certifiably insane to think that the US government would attack itself.


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