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Spotify is just another gate-keeper of conservative speech and promoter of left-wing propaganda.


Spotify overwhelmingly donates to democrats. As of early 2022, 95.63% of political donations have gone to Democrats. Only 1.15% of donations have gone to Republicans, all of which were to Mitt Romney (RINO) and Lisa Murkowski (RINO). So, in reality 0% of donations went to Republicans.


Enemies of free speech: Spotify stopped advertising on Musk's Twitter.


CENSORSHIP: Spotify bans "hate content" as instructed by various left-wing groups. Using an ambiguous term like "hate content" allows Spotify to selectively ban whatever they want.


CENSORSHIP: Spotify has deleted more than twenty thousand COVID-related podcast episodes from Spotify.


CENSORSHIP: When Joe Rogan said that he took Ivermectin, Whitehouse press secretary Jen Psaki pressured Spotify to take action to call out 'disinformation'. Spotify complied! Spotify also works with GARM (the Global Alliance for Responsible Media), which works to essentially demonetize conservative speech.


SELECTIVE CENSORSHIP: Spotify takes its marching orders from the far-left extremist political organization Southern Poverty Law Center, by removing so-called 'white-supremacist acts', but allowing rap acts such as NWA, Ice T, Snoop Dog, Jay Z, etc. Spotify states that, “illegal content or material that favors hatred or incites violence against race, religion, sexuality or the like is not tolerated by us.” Yet, Spotify allow anti-Christian bands such as Marduk. Spotify has not banned 'Dude Looks Like a Lady' by Aerosmith.


Spotify signed a 2020 deal with Joe Rogan to exclusively host his podcasts (past and present). The deal was said to be worth more than $100 million. It appears as though they signed Joe Rogan in order to control Joe Rogan, because he is a threat to democrats. Spotify proceeded to ban Joe Rogan's interviews with conservatives such as Alex Jones. 42 episodes in total were banned. After left-wing uproar over Rogan's factual interviews with Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough, Spotify agreed to attach Marxist ‘Content Advisory’ warnings (similar to YouTube's propaganda/warnings) to conservative videos with COVID talk to “combat misinformation” (AKA using language to combat truthful information that challenges left-wing groupthink). Joe Rogan has since called Trump " a criminal and he’s crazy and he’s stupid".


Race-mongers. Donating up to $10 million to organizations that fight against "racism, injustice, and inequity".




Spotify was against Trump's "Muslim country travel ban". Spotify launched a project called, "I'm with the banned," to support artists from the countries cited by Trump's travel ban. Spotify had nothing to say when Obama imposed a similar ban.


Spotify parrots global warming hysteria.



Spotify celebrates anti-Trump propaganda...



Spotify gave Barack Obama a forum to encourage people to vote...



Spotify featured a race-mongering show by Talib Kweli that attacked guns and the NRA.


Spotify is headquartered in Sweden. Morgan Stanley (also on our boycott list) owns 9.5% of Spotify shares. T. Rowe Price (also on our boycott list) owns 7.1% of Spotify shares.



Spotify has no redeeming qualities.



Stop supporting Spotify. The same content is available elsewhere. Expect Spotify to become even more woke and censorship-happy over time.




1.,, Banned.Video


Joe Rogan interview with Dr. Robert Malone on Odysee that was banned by YouTube.

Joe Rogan interview with Dr. Robert Malone on Rumble that was banned by YouTube.

Cliff notes to Joe Rogan's interview with Dr. Malone.


Joe Rogan interview with Dr. Peter McCullough on Odysee that was banned by YouTube.

Joe Rogan interview with Dr. Peter McCullough on Rumble that was banned by YouTube.



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