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1984 Ministry of Truth




We rate NewsGuard as a 'fake' trust tool. NewsGuard is a left-wing browser add-on that is self-promoted as a 'trust tool' that reviews news sites, but is nothing more than another attempt by liberals to blacklist conservative speech, and to act as arbitrators of what is 'misinformation'. NewsGuard smears conservative sites with a warning about "lacking in credibility and transparency" or "failing to maintain basic standards of accuracy and accountability" and to "proceed with caution".


Government-funded censorship tool: Elon Musk calls NewsGuard “a propaganda shop”.


According to MRC Free Speech America research, NewsGuard's ratings system heavily skews in favor of left-wing outlets.


NewsGuard labels Fox News as 'unreliable' and 'fails to adhere to basic journalistic standards.'


NewsGuard smears the whistleblower journalism site, WikiLeaks as 'unreliable'.


NewsGuard rates radical left-wing sites such as the New York Times, CNN, the Huff Post and BuzzFeed as 'approved' sites.


NewsGuard also works with advertisers, agencies, and ad tech companies to push companies to avoid ad placements on sites 'spreading false narratives' and instead direct their ads to so-called 'trustworthy' news and information publishers.


NewsGuard is partners with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) union to help indoctrinate kids.


NewsGuard fights 'false election claims' and 'anti-vaccine misinformation' (AKA facts), but predictably is not fighting pro-vaccine misinformation.


NewsGuard's CEO, Steven Brill tried to cast the now-verified Hunter Biden laptop scandal as a Russian 'hoax' just prior to the 2020 presidential election.


NewsGuard says that NewsGuard should be trusted "because we are trained journalists". LOL!


Of course, other left-wing sites are rushing to approve of NewsGuard. MediaBiasFactCheck laughably gives NewsGuard a 'least biased' rating. Wikipedia has a glowing review of NewsGuard. Wired and Vox say that NewsGuard is fighting fake news.



NewsGuard comes pre-installed on MS Edge. Remove it! Also remove it if it comes pre-installed on Internet Explorer, which you should also not be using in the first place. Switch to the Brave browser.




1. Use our list of trusted news sources.



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