Review of MailChimp

(Owned by Intuit)


Orwellian Big Tech censors running a Ministry of Truth




MailChimp is owned by Intuit, which opposed Trump ending DACA program, and donated more than twice as much to democrats and absolutely zero to Trump in 2020.


MailChimp is in lock-step with all of the other Big Tech censors, in that MailChimp is invasively censoring your email marketing campaigns!


MailChimp explicitly "does not allow the distribution of content that is, in our sole discretion, materially false, inaccurate, or misleading in a way that could deceive or confuse others about important events, topics, or circumstances." These weasel words could mean almost anything they want it to mean... Content that goes against the government's narrative on COVID, the democrat party's narrative on January 6th, content that argues that a man is a man and a woman is a woman, content that exposes BLM as a violent Marxist group, etc.


MailChimp/Intuit's ideology in action:

MailChimp booted a gun rights group off their platform without explanation. MailChimp banned anti-vaccine content.


MailChimp shut down Moms For Liberty emails.


MailChimp came out against Florida's Parental Rights Bill.


Pride tribalism.


The parent company, Intuit was obsessed with opposing Trump ending the DACA program. Not surprisingly, MailChimp is full of immigration tribalism.


No surprise: Intuit is headquartered in the radical left-wing Silicon Valley




1. SalesNexus - Texas-based.


2. MailerLite - Poland-based company.



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