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A dishonest company founded by a Hollywood leftist



Honest is a perfect example of how liberals use language to distort reality. The name implies that the company is sincere and free of deceit. In reality, Honest was founded by Hollywood leftist, Jessica Alba who celebrated the banning of Donald Trump from social media and parroted the media's false narrative that Trump "incited" the "disgusting" January 6th "insurrection". Alba celebrated when Trump was banned from social media.


Jessica Alba's Instagram post smearing Trump:


#Bye -this guy and his cronies need to be held accountable for inciting the #disgusting #disgraceful acts of #Insurrection -this is not about political affiliation, this is about #democracy #period”


The Honest company says that they are "Proud to implement diversity and inclusion in our everyday workplace and mission", thus choosing (presumably) based on race, gender, LBGTQ over merit.


Honest donated to the NAACP and Equal Justice Initiative to fight the lie of systemic racism.


Honest supports the violent Marxist group Black Lives Matter.




Jessica Alba of Beverly Hills donated to $2,500 to Kamala Harris (D).



Honest has no redeeming qualities.



Do not buy from the Honest Company. Do not buy from any of the many other companies who sell similar products.




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