The Big Charlottesville Lie


The mainstream media has relentlessly told you that Donald Trump called NeoNazi's "very fine people" during a speech on Tuesday August 15, 2017. Anyone who watched the full video (instead of carefully edited video) of Trump's speech knew this to be a big lie. In reality, he said that they should be "condemned totally."


Conservative media quickly exposed the lie. But, the mainstream media and democrats have continued to regurgitate the lie for years!


Then, nearly a whopping 7 years later, on June 20, 2024, even the far-left-wing site Snopes exposed the lie.




But, to this day, the anti-Trump lie continues. 9 days after the Snopes 'fact check', Joe Biden repeated the lie during the June 29, 2024 CNN presidential debate.


As of 7/1/2024, YouTube reinforces the lie by moving propaganda videos to the top of search results. Even a specific search for 'charlottesville prager university' results in the actual Prager U video being demoted to second place.





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